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Hello! My name is Jenn, 20+ yo. Not being slave to the corporate world is my fuel to achieve FI asap. Here, I detailed my steps from watching my expenses, curbing behavioral biases to make better financial decisions, to managing my investor psychology. I started to build up my emergency savings since working part time in college, before moving on to investing in index funds and reits.

I created Scrappy Finance to document my journey towards FI. I like to write about ways to increase income, reduce expenses, share behavioral science knowledge to achieve mindful consumption and my reviews of helpful products & services which aided me in this journey.

Apart from my interest in personal finance, I enjoy reading as well. I cover mostly non-fiction books: self-development, business and psychology. I post updates on mindset and personal finance on my Instagram and Twitter account.

Feel free to join my Telegram channel for updates on new posts. Connect with me by leaving a comment below any posts or message with the contact form 😀

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    1. Well my motivation to save for the emergency fund is to have the freedom to work in something that I am passionate about (which might not possibly foot the bill). About walking away from the corporate world, I don’t have the timeline for it as there are some aspects of it that I like.

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