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Food has always been my biggest expenditure! Eating out often can take a toll on my wallet but it makes me so happy. It gives me something to look forward after a long day. I mentioned in my “Start here” page that I want to pursue financial independence without decreasing the quality of my life. My route to FI will be emotionally draining if I deny myself of something which brings so much joy.

Still, I have to watch my expenses. So here’s the steps I took to monitor my food expenditure: I meal prep for weekdays’ lunch and use discount dining apps to save more money. I am thrilled to get 50% off my meals with minimum effort, and had saved around $1.4k so far!

Burpple Beyond

My FAVORITE app to date. This app had helped me to save a ridiculous amount of money. The annual membership cost $99 and there are 2000 1-for-1 deals at >450 places. If we don’t get additional items which are not covered by the deal, each meal is at a 50% discount. Some may gasp at the annual membership price (I did!) but we could easily recoup the cost of the membership swiftly (depending on the price of the food in the restaurant).

A minimum of 2 pax is required for deal redemption.

Savings from Burpple Beyond: ~$800

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I started using Shopback in June 2016. It provides cashback as a certain percentage of your expenditure when we make a transaction with its partner merchants, through its website. Tip: I downloaded Shopback chrome button as it is more convenient.

Shopback had partnered with over 1,300 brands from all over the world so it’s very easy to collect cashback.

Given that I spend mainly on food, my friends are pretty shocked that I could accumulate so much savings for this category. I had accumulated $618.81 cashback to date on food, travel, shopping etc.

I used the services from these companies frequently.

  • Quandoo ($4-6 cashback from each reservation)
  • Eatigo ($1.50 cashback from each reservation)
  • Iherb (up to 12% of spending) – I buy organic food for my meal prep
  • Klook (up to 3.5% of spending) – They partner with a lot of restaurants
  • NTUC Fairprice (up to 5.5% of spending) – I buy my groceries here
  • Chopedeals (1.5% cashback) – I buy vouchers for restaurants which are not covered by Burrple Beyond or Entertainer
  • Cat & the Fiddle (2.5% cashback) – They run promotions for different cheesecake flavors monthly

Savings from Shopback (Food): ~$400

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Quandoo is a platform to make reservations with selected restaurants conveniently. It partners with restaurants in Europe and Asia. Apart from the initial $4 cashback via Shopback, Quandoo also gives you additional cashback!

How it works

  • Book and dine at your favorite restaurants
  • Collect points for every booking and review
  • Redeem your points for cash (it will be deposited into your bank account within 14 days). *1000 points = $15

I had made a redemption of 4000 points and these are the cashback which I had already received from Quandoo so far.

Savings from Quandoo: ~$60


Klook is a platform to book activities, tours and attractions at exclusive prices. Many people use it for their holidays but we can use it within Singapore as well! Klook partners with many local brands (Yakun, Mr Bean etc). Like Quandoo, it offers additional cashback for every booking made. The cost of our next booking will be offset when we redeem your Klook credits.

Savings from Klook: ~$10

Additional cashback from Klook

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Chope is a platform to make reservations and purchase food vouchers via Chopedeals. Every reservation will allow us to earn Chope Dollars which can be used to offset the cost of future deals purchased. They had modified its t&c for redemption recently so there’s a minimum spending required for redemption.

Savings from Chope redemptions: ~$100

Sign up here to get 300C$ bonus


It is one of my most frequently used apps, with a focus on bringing customers in during off-peak hours. They offer time-based discounts of up to 50% everyday at their participating restaurants. I usually use the app for an early lunch at 11am or dinner at 5pm.

Sign up here to get $10 bonus.

Special mentions

Entertainer is an app that provides 1-for-1 dining deals. The restaurants which partner with Entertainer are generally more expensive than those found in Burpple Beyond. My friend has this app and we use it frequently as our favorite restaurants are not available under Burpple Beyond.

Eatsy It is so convenient to pre-order my meals with this app. They are pretty generous with their discount codes. We can get plenty of promotion codes from their telegram. Use “savetime” code for $5 off.

I have not used Mealpal and Waitrr before but they offer a lot of savings (first time users/ promotion periods). I would love to use Mealpal because they partner with several of my favorite restaurants. However, they do not cover my neighbourhood.

Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or need some food recommendations:P

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