The Daily Stoic: Wisdom, Perseverance and the Art of Living (Duty)

There is one branch of philosophy created just for us: Stoicism. It’s a philosophy designed to make us more resilient, happier, more virtuous and wiser. In short, a tool for living a good life. Embrace the wisdom of the ancient Stoics and absorb the teachings of timeless valuable wisdom via The Daily Stoic book. You'll find the serenity, self-knowledge, and resilience you need to live well as a result.

Each article focuses

  1. Clarity
  2. Emotions
  3. Awareness
  4. Unbiased thoughts
  5. Right action
  6. Problem solving
  7. Duty
  8. Pragmatism
  9. Resilience
  10. Virtue
  11. Acceptance
  12. Mortality


  • Your job is to be good and wise 
  • Remain the person that philosophy wish it can make us
  • Never shrink the proper dispatch of your duty
  • Having a get to do list instead of have to do list is a privilege
  • Protect your own good in all that you do
  • No one said it is easy to do good 
  • Rise and shine to the work of a human being
  • We have a duty to study and learn how to be a good human being
  • Accept responsibility for your own life
  • Stop monkeying around and be an owner of your life
  • Love the humble art you have learnt and find peace within 
  • You can build yourself by attending to your own improvement daily
  • In your actions, don’t procrastinate. In your conversations, don’t confuse. In your thoughts, don’t wander. In your soul, don’t be passive or aggressive. In your life, don’t be all about business 
  • A little knowledge is dangerous. Train with humility. Don’t pick things up quickly, skip basic lessons and ignore the fundamentals 
  • Do the right thing because it is the right thing to do, not because of recognition 
  • Ask what cause, values, mission and purpose are you committed to. 
  • Don’t abandon others or yourself as you progress
  • My reasoned choice is as indifferent to that of my neighbor 
  • Be gentle and gracious. Forgive them because they don’t know
  • Help render great work with others
  • Every noble deed is voluntary
  • You get to do the right thing and do your duty
  • Receive honor and slights the same way, with acceptance and indifference 
  • No news can ever be relevant to your reasoned choice
  • I am a human being,  not a human doing 
  • Injustice lies in what you aren’t doing and what you are doing
  • Sufficiency of your own mind like real virtue made up of justice, self control, honesty, discipline and courage is be worth striving for compared to money, peak and love
  • Philosophy is spiritual formation, care of the soul. The more forgiving and tolerant you can be of others, the more helpful and patient you will be
  • Practice your philosophy to flourish
  • Joy is a state of being that comes from purpose, excellence and duty
  • Work is not all but take pride in your work

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