How to look after your mental health (44 tips)

Managing my financial health seems to be more straightforward, than looking after my mental health. While numbers are my strength, learning how to manage my thoughts proves to be challenging. This abrupt disruption to my day-to-day life, from COVID-19, saw me spending a lot of time confronting my own thoughts. Furthermore, the numbers-driven approach in achieving financial freedom can be quite stressful at times.

As such, I picked up some really helpful books that helped me align my thoughts in a positive manner. There are 2 books by Haemin Sunim which I find the most helpful in managing my mental health. I will be sharing insights from these 2 books across 2 posts.

I hope these pointers would help someone in seeking peace within their minds.

The Things You Can See Only When You Slow Down: How to Be Calm in a Busy World

  1. Make time for emptiness - don’t think about anything
  2. Discard what I don’t need - keep your mind clear
  3. Pause after every bite when eating
  4. Pare down my belongings - acquire only what I need
  5. Exhale deeply, breathe slowly
  6. Don’t worry about the things I can’t control
  7. Don’t be troubled by the things that have not happen
  8. Switch modes at gate - your being at work, your being at home etc
  9. Reset my mind - don’t think unhappy things
  10. Don’t put off what I can do today  
  11. Don’t label myself - discover my inner protagonist with boundless potential
  12. Take pleasure in my work - see work as mindful work that educate and nurture me
  13. Immerse myself in what is before me - 
  14. Don't compare myself with others - cherish myself
  15. Think simple - just focus on one thing
  16. Don’t fear change - a supple mind accept change and find beauty & hope
  17. Have knowledge & wisdom - think with my own head nad know when to apply knowledge to good use
  18. Don’t be bound by a single perspective - see things in different ways
  19. Believe in myself - do my best & don’t fear moving forward
  20. Strong mind - world is experienced according to the state of one’s mind
  21. Wait for the right opportunity
  22. Appreciate my connection with what I own currently
  23. Find peace by casting away greed, anger & ignorance
  24. Be grateful - the most grateful I feel, the happier I become
  25. Focus on others’ merits especially when their faults are on display
  26. Fine tune my timing - don’t be too rush or too relax
  27. Don’t fixate on right or wrong - compromise
  28. Give up the need to be liked by everyone
  29. See things for what they are - my preferences, likes, dislikes are a product of my own mind
  30. Detach - have an unfettered mind that’s not swayed by mere words
  31. Don’t keep thinking in terms of gains and losses
  32. Be decisive - trust in myself. Don’t be swayed by the opinions of others
  33. Be here now - the you of a moment ago belongs to the past
  34. Everyday is precious - be positive
  35. Don’t covet - wanting more leads to suffering. Know how much is enough to be satisfied
  36. Accept reality for what it is - see things as they are
  37. Don’t show off
  38. Don’t be fixated on the destination - enjoy the journey
  39. Don’t divide things into good & bad - it breeds worry & stress
  40. Stretch the limits of my mind
  41. Cherish being alive everyday
  42. Make every preparation - whether I can make the most of an opportunity depends on dedication and preparedness
  43. Do the right things - focus on what should be done. 
  44. Put everything into here and now - make the most of life

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