Tiger Brokers Review: Best trading platform to invest in the Singapore, US and Hong Kong Stock Market

I have been using TDAmeritrade to invest since the beginning in the US market. When I decided to diversify across different stock exchanges, I switch from DBS Vickers to Tiger Brokers (a cheaper alternative). It is very hard to open an account with TDAmeritrade fast due to their $0 commission rates now. I have friends who used Tiger Brokers to invest in all markets (Singapore, US and Hong Kong Stock Market) as a result.

For myself, I used Tiger Brokers to invest in HK market and TD Ameritrade in the US market. One reason why it is not recommended to use invest in HK stocks in NYSE is because of the extra fees incurred ( stocks with ADR behind) and that it is a "holding company".

It took me a long time to decide which brokers to use, based on my needs.

  • Brokers who don't charge a custody fee
  • Reliable brokers with strong backing as I am a long term investor
  • Brokers that could attend to my calls. On this note, I find it very hard to connect with Tiger Brokers but their fees are really cheap in the markets and I am good with their interface. Also, it is super convenient to deposit my money and do an exchange rate conversion.

As a collaboration with Tiger Brokers, there is an exclusive promotion from my link here.

  • Invite code: SCRAPPYFIN

Important things to take note: 

  • You will get a free share of Apple(worth around $145) plus 60 commission-free trades when you fund 2000 SGD or equivalent. 
  • Some of us may deposit a small amount to see if the money really goes through, as a precaution. But do take note that the promotion is only applicable for the first 2000sgd deposit

1.  Registration: 500 Tiger Coins

2.  Account Opening:

Stock: 60 commission-free trades within 180 days for stocks of U.S., H.K., Singapore & Australia

Future: 5 commission-free trades for Futures within 30 days

3.  First Deposit≥SGD 2,000:

Stock: 1 free Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) share + stock voucher of SGD 5 (for Singapore stocks only)

This is one of the best promotions you can find in the market.

Tiger is the fastest-growing broker-dealer in China that brings Chinese people to trade US stocks before expanding our global business in 2021. It takes them about six years to grow the business, gets listed in Nasdaq with Symbol TIGR, now with a market cap of 3 billion, 1000 employees, and global offices that include Singapore, the US, Australia, and New Zealand. Their business is backed by investors like Jim Rogers, Interactive brokers, and many other famous institutions.

Tiger brokers has a very professional trading platform with easy-to-navigate design, quick online account opening and funding. They support trading global markets that include US, HK, Singapore stocks and more.

Invest wisely and safely, here's the link to get exclusive rewards.

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