Syfe Portfolio Performance (Feb 2020 - Sep 2022)

Since graduation, my priority for my finances is on investing my savings aggressively to take advantage of compound interest. I made a couple of mistakes and learnt to be wiser/more careful in my investing approach. I invested in Syfe at an absolutely bad timing (Feb 2020) so I watched my portfolio take a U-shaped turn throughout the years. First post on my Syfe portfolio was uploaded here.

When it comes to increasing my income, there's just this much that could be done until the limit is reached. But I have more leeway to lower my expenses. Blog updates: First 100K, Next 100K

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My Syfe portfolio

Currently, I have 2 portfolios with Syfe (blended expense rate is at 0.5%) . For Singapore Reits (Property purse), I set the dividends to be re-invested automatically.

Syfe portfolio 2022

Syfe Reit+ portfolio

You can invest in Singapore's best REITs in 1 portfolio via Syfe. This tracks the iEdge S-REIT Leaders Index with all its constituents, weights and corporate actions. It is a narrow, tradable, adjusted free-float market capitalisation weighted index that measures the performance of the most liquid real estate investment trusts in Singapore in SGD.

While the iEdge S-REIT Leaders index holds 27 REIT constituents, REIT+ is an optimized portfolio of 20 REITs.

I don't buy individual REITs due to the minimum lot size. It's good that Syfe REIT+ has no minimum investment amount and no brokerage charges as well. You can dollar cost average into Syfe REIT+ to build up your REIT holdings monthly

Index breakdown by REIT type: Industrial and warehouse equity reits (31%), Office equity reits (26%), Retail equity reits (19%)

Syfe referral- Key in code: SRPRCBM3S after downloading the Syfe App on your phone. Or use link here.

Syfe Core portfolios

DescriptionPast 5 years annualised returnsHighlights
Core Equity100for investors who want maximum exposure to stock market opportunities with an extended investment horizon to capture long-term gains6.9% 3500+ stocks

QQQ (20%), RSP (17%), CSPX (13%), MCHI (10.7%)
Core Balancedoptimally diversified portfolio designed for investors looking to balance return with risk with a medium term investment horizon.2%35.5% equity, 52.5% bonds, 12.3% commodities

73% US
5% China
Core Defensivefocuses primarily in bonds with some allocation to stock and gold for added diversification.1.3%52% in United States Treasury Note/Bond
Core Growthcapture growth from the stock market and build long-term wealth over a longer investment horizon.4.2%3500+ stocks

67.6% equities,
26.3% bond
6.1% commodities

73% US
11% China

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